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The magical world of Children’s Wish Lists

Unlock the best savings this Black Friday and make sure you maximise your Christmas shopping experience

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To unlock the best savings this Black Friday and make sure you maximise your Christmas shopping experience, it is important to make sure your children have shared their Christmas wish lists with you. In this guide we will look at how best to do this.

With their boundless creativity and vivid imaginations, children possess a unique ability to dream beyond the realms of reality. One area to encourage their creativity and thought process to go wild is their Christmas wish list. These lists are often compiled with great excitement and offer a window into the desires and dreams of our little ones.

The art of wishing

Wish lists are not merely a collection of material desires but should also be a form of self-expression. Allow your child to share their wish list by painting pictures, sticking and gluing a collage or getting creative by acting out what they desire under the Christmas tree. Allow them to get creative and share their deepest longings and interests with you.

Write it to Santa

Allow them to write the list to Santa or Father Christmas, so they don’t feel obliged to reign in their creativity and can express themselves fully. They can ask you for your advice in what to write and how to phrase it. For younger children they might need more guidance here so take the time to sit with them and work through their list together.

Give them clues

Think of times they have enjoyed, toys at other children’s houses or hobbies they have that have engaged and enthralled them. Mention these to give them handy clues to help them on their way to articulating what they want. Try to remember what they asked for last year and maybe steer them on, a cuddly toy might be a recurring theme but what else would they enjoy?

Beyond material

While toys and gadgets may dominate many wish lists, children often have desires that go beyond the tangible. Spending quality time with loved ones, experiences or even days out together could also make the list.

The joy of granting the wish

The joy of witnessing a child’s face light up when their wish has been granted or come true is joyous. However, don’t feel that every wish needs to be answered, children are very adaptable and should understand that not every wish they have in life will be solved or met. When shopping this Black Friday you may find it easier to substitute their wishes for similar, cheaper options or may find other toys you think they would enjoy.

In a world of fantastic deals and offers this Black Friday, make sure you have got your children’s wish list down on paper so that you can shop with this in mind. Beyond the material, these lists also form lasting memories and keep sakes and form part of the journey of growing up. Embrace the spirit of letting their imaginations run wild and make savvy, conscious shopping decisions this Black Friday. 

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