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Kerb appeal: Street-side styling

By adding just a few pieces on your porch, you'll be the envy of the street.

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Showing off your style doesn’t have to be limited to the inside of your home, and by using just a few pieces on your porch, you’ll be the envy of the street. Kerb appeal is all about finding a look for the outside space of your home that shows off your personal look with pops of colour, ornaments, planters and more. It means creating something that makes you smile, even if you’re just popping out to get some milk or taking out the rubbish.
We have been at home a lot in the last year, and with spring around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about some home improvements you’ll be able to enjoy in the nicer weather. No matter the size of your door, porch, or entrance area, there are ways of refreshing things.
Boosting your home’s appeal - for your enjoyment most importantly, but also for passers-by - is easy, and can be something you add to as time goes on. If you’re head over heels for classic English country garden vibes then rattan effect or woven pots, shaped topiary plants, and flowers in full bloom - (whether they’re real or not) - are just the ticket. Add a little more charm to your set up with a fun planter from cute dogs to stoic lions.
If you’re a big fan of the outdoors but hate muddy prints on your carpet, try creating an outdoor boot space. It won’t be messy and has a countrified charm. Boot stands and jacks not only look the part, but also offer a handy way to take off and store to your wellies while they’re wet. To stop it being purely functional, add more life into the look with decorated pots with animal designs on, tall birds to add height and cheeky ornaments like our sweet falling rabbits.
If modern is your middle name, there are plenty of options to incorporate into your outdoor look. Add different pops of colour when choosing your plant pots and go a step further with what plants you decide to put in them. Brighten up the space by try something big and bold, and watch your tropical look come to life (and the compliments come rolling in). Adding metal accents into the mix will give things a modern edge and a bit of shine too, and you don’t have to stop there. If you have the space, add a tall planter to offer height to your porch, that way you can also place smaller piece underneath it to fill it out. Remember, you don’t have to have green fingers to enjoy your new kerb appeal status, you can simply use faux plants, ornaments, and a welcoming door mat to great you home.

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