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Layer Your Bed Like A Pro

Like the perfect cake, each layer of your bed should be loved, valued and respected in its own right, coming together to create something delicious.

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Like the perfect cake, each layer of your bed should be loved, valued and respected in its own right, coming together to create something delicious. It's undoubtedly the recipe for bed success, and in colder months there's more to consider than usual.
While your mattress handles the very important task of supporting you, a mattress topper could be the biggest way to transform your comfort particularly during winter. This added layer of softness will give you the extra cuddle factor you need when it's chilly outside, with memory foam options in particular bringing oodles of temperature regulation to the sleepover.
Upgrade your normal sheets to a cosy, extra lovely feeling brushed cotton and you'll be in snuggly bed heaven. Smooth and soft to the touch, the fabric is brushed to give a slight fuzziness to the surface, which feels as comfy as your favourite autumnal jumper and helps to hold on to warmth.
Top your bed with a great big duvet with a high tog rating - they're the winter ones you're looking for. 13.5 or 15 are the top of the tog rating chart, which means they're the warmest and usually a bit thicker too so you'll feel that special level of snug you only get with lavish layering. If you've been put off from investing in a second duvet in the past it's probably less to do with comfort and more to do with storage, so you're in luck: we've introduced a duvet storage bag to help you tuck your summer duvet away safely and neatly, until needed.
Snuggle Season
Blankets are the ideal way to keep your comfort and warmth levels flexible while we're heading in and out of seasons and the temperatures tend to fluctuate. They also look gorgeous, so there's really no reason not to go ahead and treat yourself to a few fluffy layers. If a big winter duvet sounds like too much to you, you can boost your all-year duvet with some soft and snuggly throws, keeping spares to hand for unexpected chills or just to have them draped romantically over the ends of beds, chairs, and everywhere.
If you're prone to feeling the cold or we're in the depths of winter, invest in some personal warming too. Save yourself from venturing into the cold to turn the heating on by taking a toasty hot water bottle to bed - or pop one under the covers a few minutes before bedtime to preheat the sheets. If you're consistently chilly at night, an electric blanket could be your dream partner in sleep. To go back to our cake analogy, an electric blanket is like the layer of jam filling - it's not a big as the other layers, but it's noticeable through everything else!
Mix and Match
So, what's the icing on this layer cake? A plethora of plump cushions. Mix in different sizes, colours and textures for the perfect garnish, and you'll have the flexibility to sit, lie, curl up or stretch out just the way you want to in complete comfort.

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