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How fragrance changes your mood

We’re looking at personal fragrances and how a scent can change your mood

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We’ve already covered home fragrances to help zen our safe havens, but since Blue Monday is approaching, we’re looking at personal fragrances and how a scent can change your mood…
According to research, fragrance can move us in many different ways. From taking us back to bittersweet memories to relaxing us down and boosting our energy.
The part of our brain that processes smell also stores our memories. So when a scent comes wafting our way that is stored and linked to a memory, that memory is re-triggered. In one way, these scent-evoked memories can also affect our mood; whether it’s a cacophony of happy times that lift our spirits, or the bittersweet recollection of missed ones that bring a tear to our eyes.
Memory and olfactory cognition aside, selecting the right ingredients can effectively alter your mood, too. From lifting, energising, boosting productivity and calming, research shows a strong relationship between scent and our mood.
Let’s find out…
A ‘spicy’ note that brings feelings of warmth, cosiness and utter relaxation, cinnamon is often used to stimulate energy and focus, relieving feelings of fatigue. This satisfying note will give you that well-deserved energy boost whilst also offering a pleasant reminder of warm memories.
Sitting firmly within the floral family, Jasmine is a comforting scent that promotes rest (and can also be sleep-inducing), meaning it’s an ideal option to calm whilst we traverse through these uncertain times.
A popular scent in the cosmetic industry, Vanilla is a bright and refreshing note. Found to elevate feelings of joy, Vanilla can help clarify, inspire and energise your mood. So if you’re looking for a stimulating energy booster, vanilla is where it’s at.
This deep, warming and lingering scent is most often used as a middle or base note in perfumes or aftershaves. A grounding scent that will aid in emotional balancing, it’s no wonder Sandalwood is linked to meditation. Often considered to be an aphrodisiac, this note also promotes feelings of comfort, security and wellbeing.
Another member of the floral family, Rose is typically a feminine, powdery, romantic and even poetic note. Considered classic and timeless when it comes to perfume, Rose will help balance your mood and promote a comforting, restful state of mind. So, if you’re in need of a little ‘you time’, rose may be just that addition.
Known to help reduce stress and anxiety since the art of aromatherapy has been practiced, Lavender is found to have a healthy impact on the mind. This favoured relaxation-inducting note stimulates a tranquil state of mind, known to lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). Find your inner peace with lavender.

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